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Countdown Media, your music master licensing source.

Since its start in the late 1970s, Countdown has built one of the most comprehensive master catalogues in the market. We have music of all genres, from Classical to Rock’n Roll, from Soundtracks to Children’s Music.
An incredible 100,000 master recordings.

Catalog Highlights

  • Vintage recordings: 60s Easy Listening and Pop on Alshire Records, West Coast Jazz on Dobre Records, 70s Latin on Scorpio and the legendary Sun Records catalogue full of classic Rock’n Roll.
  • Classical Music: 20,000 high quality recordings. Great music from Bach to Stravinsky, from Monteverdi to Mahler.
  • The Countdown Kids: one of the most successful children’s music brands.

  • Christmas, Jazz, Musicals, Latin, Americana & World Music: Thousands of unique recordings
  • Cover Versions: a comprehensive catalogue of all genres.
  • We have thousands of one-stop synch opportunities. 



Hamburg, Germany

  • Helge Jürgens

    Helge Jürgens

    Managing Director Countdown Media

  • Claudia Nehls

    Claudia Nehls

    Senior Manager Licensing

  • Volker Müller

    Volker Müller

    Senior Manager Licensing

  • Phil Stubbs

    Phil Stubbs

    Sync & Marketing (Global)

  • Lutz Rippe

    Lutz Rippe

    Senior Manager
    Data & Assets, Royalties

  • Tina Brinkmann

    Tina Brinkmann

    Senior Manager
    Digital Distribution

  • Dieter Korneffel

    Dieter Korneffel

    Senior Manager Finance

  • Nicholas Humphrey

    Nicholas Humphrey

    Product Manager

  • Adisa Collins

    Adisa Collins

    Mastering Technician

  • Daniel Hildebrandt

    Daniel Hildebrandt

    Digital Distribution

  • Peter Ellwein

    Peter Ellwein

    Manager Data & Assets, PPI

  • Gesine Beenken

    Gesine Beenken

    Product Manager

  • Jens Pfeifer

    Jens Pfeifer

    Marketing Coordinator
    Audio Technician

  • Kathrin Schendel

    Kathrin Schendel

    Team Assistant

  • Doris Haberkorn

    Doris Haberkorn

    Manager Archive,
    Data & Assets,
    New Productions


Countdown Media GmbH Wichmannstr. 4, Haus 10 Süd, D-22607 Hamburg/ Germany
Phone +49 40 822986-0
Fax +49 40 822986-66
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